Unplugged Vacations: Why a ‘Digital Detox’ Is a Good Idea

The withdrawal symptoms that accompany turning off our digital devices has grown increasingly common. The absence of a mobile device can lead to feelings of uneasiness and apprehension.

When it comes time to venture somewhere new, why not instead immerse yourself in the treasures of the unknown and spend quality time with the ones you love? Go and explore what the world has to offer outside of the digital realm. Family man and Victoria BC resident, Craig Hazlett devotes time to unplugging his electronics while on vacation. Craig claims that this encourages deeper connections & conversations. Carrying a smartphone with you can be distracting, and promotes low quality communication. Craig believes it is important to set a positive example for his children when it comes to investing sufficient time into the relationships that matter.

Craig Hazeltt Victoria BC, on digital detoxing
Digital devices can leave us in the dark, when it comes to relationships & communication.

While most millennials are waiting to snap a photo every chance they get, it can be hard to imagine leaving your mobile device back at your hotel. With this in mind, the term ‘digital detox’ is gaining more traction. Encourage your kids to write a vacation journal, and try documenting your adventures by an alternate means. If the idea of completely turning off devices seems unrealistic for your family, then set certain limitations instead by agreeing to dis-connect right before bed or first thing in the morning.

Engage in meaningful conversation with your children, and suggest fun activities that the entire family could enjoy together. Craig sets boundaries by allowing his children one hour of social media per day while on vacation, a compromise that has been successful in promoting quality time. He also sets the same rules for himself, believing it is important to make the distinction between a professional and personal life. This helps promote a mental re-charge while on holiday.

Craig Hazlett Victoria BC Digital Detox
The average American spends more than half of their waking life staring at a screen.

In 2017 technology has become a lifeline as the mobile device is no longer purely for communication means, but is now our way of connecting to society. We have become reliant on digital platforms and are unable to step away from the possibility of missing a message. Taking a step back from technology can boost productivity and increase your attention span, and as a result, you can return to work re-energized. Craig Hazlett disconnects while on vacation in order to re-charge before returning to his job, this allows his mind to concentrate on other tasks while simultaneously enhancing his work ethic.

Craig Hazlett on Digital Detox and Cell Phone Use
Source: Bruce Rolf/Shutterstock

According to Psychology Today, unplugging allows you to stimulate your prefrontal cortex. According to a recent study, individuals constantly on their phones displayed reduced prefrontal excitability, impaired attentions spans, as well as irregular sleeping patterns.

Finding a balance between actively engaging in social media and keeping up to speed on family matters is essential to a healthy mind. Taking a step back from digital devices while on vacation can benefit both yourself and your children as becoming less dependent on technology can lead to a higher quality personal and social life.

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