Craig’s Professional Background

Victoria, BC’s Leading Salesman

Craig Hazlett went to school in Victoria, BC for architectural building technology. After completion of college, he started working for a local architectural firm on commercial and residential buildings and doing freelance restoration design. Craig started designing custom interiors for commercial and residential properties. It was during this time that he discover his natural ability for sales. After working for a while in the the sales industry, Craig realized this was the direction he wanted to explore and enrolled in marketing at the University of British Columbia.

Craig Hazlett: Sales & Business Development Expert

After graduating, Craig went on to work with small and mid-sized companies in Vancouver, BC to help build business development strategies and implement sales programs. Craig started a business relationship with Tyco International in the electronics, security, and technology division (ADT). He also moved to Vancouver Island under the directive to increase struggling numbers. Within three months Craig became number one in Canada for sales on new business.

Victoria, BC became home for Craig and he stayed with ADT for a decade, continually breaking sales records. He won seven annual awards for club excellence high achievement category. Craig was offered the position of Director of Training in the United States working with both corporate and dealership programs.

Simultaneously ADT offered Craig a dealership in Victoria. Having previous business knowledge, Craig decided to take ownership employing 26 people with Hazcom Security Systems over the course of 2002 to 2007.

Craig went on to work in a series of different businesses before finding a great fit with Alsco Canada. He is currently boasting the highest numbers in Canada and maintaining the highest sales in the history of Victoria. Craig currently resides in Victoria, BC with his wife and two daughters