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As a leading salesman in Victoria, BC Craig has been featured in numerous websites & publications. Check in to his websites to learn more
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Craig Hazlett | Exclusive Interviews With Entrepreneurs & Executives

Craig Hazlett was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. His father was the CFO for Casino ABS and his mother worked in media for radio stations and TV. He started his first business in Edmonton in his late teens doing roofing for residential homes.


Craig Hazlett on Sales Techniques for Hollywood Businesses

Every up-and-coming business is riddled with challenges, and one of the most prevalent problems that has proven a barrier to success is achieving the expected sales targets. In Hollywood, CA, competition and overall market economics are a puzzle many businesses cannot solve, and this often leads to dismal performance in sales.


An Interview with Craig Hazlett of Victoria, BC | Prague Post

Relocation is typically recognized as part and parcel of the pursuit of any new or challenging professional opportunity, with many professionals viewing it as a temporary circumstance that will open the door to better opportunities in the future. For some, however, an opportunity requiring relocation not only leads to substantial professional growth; in many cases,…


Craig Hazlett – Sales Expert and Solar Entrepreneur at Alsco Canada

I put in the hours. Make sure you are available to put in the hours. I get up early and I put in a full day’s work. I work hard to achieve success. Craig Hazlett grew up in Edmonton, Alberta before joining the Navy and moving to Victoria, BC as a young adult.