Who is Craig Hazlett?

Victoria, BC’s Leading Salesman

I am a family man with my wife, Jill and our two girls. Alice is two years old and Robin is three. We hold a family membership to the Royal BC Museum, where we frequently take our children on weekends.

Having two toddlers can be quite busy, but we try to make the most of it and try to show our children as much as possible. In fact, our girls are well-traveled already. They have been to Maui, Mayan Riviera, Puerto Vallarta, Arizona, Banff, and many trips to Kelowna, BC where my brother lives with his wife and son. We also benefit from living on beautiful Vancouver Island with plenty of places to explore.

Craig Hazlett Victoria BC and Family

You won’t find us at home during a weekend in the summer. We will be out enjoying the season camping in our tent. The children couldn’t be happier then out swimming in the water and building sandcastles on the beach. Most of my time is spent with my family and I like to cook dinners each night. As my daughter Robin says, “Dad, your a good cooker!” I also like to put on nice dinners for friends and family. It wouldn’t be unusual to enjoy a prime rib dinner with all the fixings when I’m putting on a dinner.

More recently, I have been very involved in remodeling our home. Doing renovations is quite new to me, but my wife seems really happy with my work, so I must be doing pretty good with it. I find working with my tools and hands rewarding, and it’s enjoyable to make a better home for my family. Christmas is my favourite time of year, and yes my house is the most lit up on the street! We have four Christmas trees this year. Having children has made Chistmas so much more magical and I love watching the excitement they have for the season.

My other favourite thing is Disneyland, and taking my girls there will be the pinnacle for me. I have been to Disneyland countless times. In fact, I took my wife there shortly after dating. Outside of family life, I am an avid golfer holding a membership at Cordova Bay Golf Course. When the weather is good, I golf at least once a week.

I am also a WWII history buff, and plan to take my family through Europe to learn more. I am physically active, going to the gym every day and regularly attending kick boxing classes. It is important to me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have a wide network of friends whom I enjoy spending any extra free time with.